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Scalability is highly important for any systems. Alpha Infotech is capable of growing with the school, both in terms of slow managed growth and suddent change. Alpha Infotech has been designed from the beginning to scale from a single server machine running all the components up to a system involving clustered components and distributed access from a worldwide basis



Scalability also requires reliability. Alpha Infotech is capable of dealing gracefully with errors, not stopping at the first sign of trouble. Additionally, it is easy to separately monitor the presence and perfomance of each component of the system, in order that support staff can identity and deal with any errors or overload that does occur.



Security is also highly important for any systems. The disadvantage of making it easy to find school information is that it also makes it easy for this information to fall into the wrong hands. Defined security lines are implemented right from the beginning of Alpha Infotech. Alpha Infotech has the concept of user permissions. Passwords are stored in the database using a standard encryption algorithm.